Planning & Management

to ambitious and long-term oriented SMEs

How I can help you to grow your business

Your business will become a strategic organisation reorienting itself from being a reactive and defensive victim of market,  industry and internal forces towards becoming a proactive, controlling, competitive and instrumental key business player.

Organic Business Growth

Organic growth is achieved through expanding a company’s existing business as opposed to buying new businesses. Since the latter is not possible for most organisations, the former becomes the only way to  ensure sustainability and growth.
Organic growth is built upon the business’s own resources and capabilities, hence the importance of strategy, planning and management.
Companies that consistently achieve faster organic growth than their competition differ in three key ways which I will help you develop:

1. a disciplined approach to growth,
2. better capabilities to drive growth, and
3. a more supportive culture.

Strategy Development

Before asking how to grow your business, there are two questions to address:
1. What do you want the organisation to grow into?
2. What can you realistically achieve with the market opportunities, environmental conditions and the capabilities and resources you have and can obtain?
I will help you to think strategically, to systematise and organise the decision-making process around which you can allocate resources. Together, we will clearly define goals to implement, a mission, values and objectives.

Strategic Alignment

An organisation consists of various units each of which has its own goals, resources and capabilities. Business units and their functions need to be aligned and coordinated, and their synergies leveraged to increase organisational performance and to support the organisation’s strategic goals. By ensuring that internal alignment has been achieved, I will help your organisation become internally coordinated and integrated with consistent goals, and in effect, be capable of outperforming the competition.

Business Research and Analysis

These elements are the foundation on which your decisions should be based as they provide an overview of the current state of your organisation and external environment, and help to set realistic goals as opposed to the visions of future implausible organisational achievements.
I will focus on the following key areas of research and analysis to leverage the following forces impacting on your organisation:
1. macro-environment (environmental factors impacting organisations),
2. the market, industry and sector,
3. organisational resources and capabilities,
4. stakeholders, and
5. history and culture.
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