Management Consulting

Towards Viable & Adaptive Business

Beyond Growth

Today’s business is obsessed with growth and yet the majority of companies do not grow. In fact, many fail despite an abundance of services and initiatives that support and subsidise growth.

The obligation and pressure to grow leads to short-term thinking. This puts a business’s future at risk when the conditions for growth become unfavourable or restricted.

To counter this, we need to change the way we think – we need to see growth as an indicator of a healthy business. Growth is therefore a means to achieving success, it is not an end in itself.

EverAst Consulting is here to support your business in becoming viable, sustainable, robust, and adaptive. We will also start you on the road to being a key player in your business sector.


Market Entry

Do you want to bring a product or service to a market? Are you looking for a way to monetise your skills or make good business investments?

You shouldn’t underestimate how important this initial decision is – this is the starting point for all other decisions. To make this vital decision correctly, you will need to know: 

  • if there is a demand,
  • if the venture is feasible and viable long term, and
  • what marketing strategy will allow you to win your first customers.

EverAst will help you to select the most profitable market segments, adapt your offer to suit new markets, overcome barriers to entry you might face, and design a strategy to help you enter markets and be competitive.

Improving Performance & Competitiveness

Are you facing business decline or stagnation? Are you losing business to your competitors? Do you need to increase productivity and results?

The first step should be taken quickly – to find the root problem behind your company’s low performance. Does the problem lie in the external environment, your organisation, your competition’s aggressiveness, or a combination of these factors?

EverAst will help you to identify the areas that are hindering your growth and address them, analyse your competitors and create a competitive advantage, and lay foundations for you to outperform your competitors and innovate to win a bigger market share.

Planning for Future

Are you thinking about the long-term success of your business? Do you want to become a key player in your market? Are you looking for sustainable growth and future income streams?

To plan effectively, based on market opportunities, environmental conditions, and your capabilities and resources, you need to understand the following key elements: 

  • where you are now,
  • where the markets will be in the future,and
  • what you can realistically achieve.

EverAst will help you to analyse the external environment, industry, and your business, define your strategy and help you to execute it and measure it against clearly defined objectives.

Organisational Assessment

Are you losing control of your company’s direction? Are you getting conflicting advice and you don’t know if certain solutions will work for your business?

It’s easy to get lost in a minefield of confusing information about the real condition of your business, and its strengths and weaknesses. Without getting clarity on those issues, it’s no surprise that you don’t know what you should focus on now.

EverAst will show you the bigger picture of business, the different links to markets and industry, and how they are relevant to each of your business functions. I’ll identify your business’s problems and advise you on how to correct them.

Traditional Services
  • Business, Management and Social Research;
  • Business Strategy;
  • Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan;
  • HR Strategy;
  • Business Plan;
  • Design on Learning & Development interventions;
  • Balanced Scorecard;
  • Business literature review and management report writing;
  • General business advice.
Other Services
  • Educational presentations;
  • Recruitment Marketing;
  • Organisational Alignment (horizontal and vertical);
  • Configuring organisation for innovation capability;
  • Meetings participation and client representation.
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