Business Advisory Services

for quality and long-term oriented small businesses who have the ambition to become competitive, viable and strategic players in the market

– find and retain profitable customers

– build a strong team

– stay ahead of the competition

– develop long-term strategic thinking


Strategic Marketing
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Digital Advertising
Segmentation & Targeting
Differentiation & Positioning
Marketing Mix


Strategic Sales Planning
Customer-oriented Selling
Key Account Management
Sales Intelligence
Selling Models & Frameworks
Sales Force Management


Environment Analysis
Strategic Alignment
Strategy Formulation
Stakeholder Analysis
Competitive Advantage
Resources Analysis

Human Resources

HR Strategy
People Resourcing
Employee Relations
Performance & Reward
Learning & Development
Talent Management

Our Approach

Playing The Long Game

Focusing on short-term goals may lead to making chaotic and risk-taking decisions sacrificing growth and future potential for temporary profitability. We want your business to last, therefore, we plan and build your capabilities for long-term success.

Seeing The Big Picture

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum – They are influenced by macro- and industry environment, internal capabilities, stakeholders and culture. The business context is complex and we can help you take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

Using Science Over Art

Although business is both, our advice is based on strong scientific and research foundations to ensure the quality, reliability and positive impact of our service.

Our Values


We strive to build long-term relationships and be a trusted and reliable partner during the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey


The world of business can be cruel and egoistic. We have high moral standards and we want to prove that we can succeed by being open, honest and ethical.


We pursue learning and development and we share our acquired knowledge to empower our partners

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