About Me

I am a business generalist, passionate about planning business growth and improvement from interdisciplinary, multidimensional and holistic perspectives. My approach stems from my broad and diverse experience as well as commitment to scientific rigour.

My work background in such industries as: plastics, furniture, banking, digital marketing and advertising, paper, insurance, publishing and retail, allows me to see an organisation as an element within a broader social, institutional and economic context, which is crucial for strategic thinking.

My background in such business functions as sales, marketing, advertising, supply chain, administration, business development, export, import, customer services and human resources have equipped me with valuable insight into internal organisational mechanics, interdependency of business units, know-how, implementation and execution.

Experience alone is not sufficient to address the complexity of today’s organisations. Having studied the ‘soft’ dimension of business at Abertay University (BSc Hons in Sociology), Silesia University (MSc in Sociology in Social Communication) and Robert Gordon University (Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management), I continue my professional development through continued learning based on the adapted curricula of postgraduate
programmes in Business Management, Marketing, Supply Chain & Procurement, and Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship, all of which constitute the ‘hard’ dimension of business.

My Promise

EverAst provides strategic business advice on: developing, improving and planning for growth, to ambitious and long-term oriented SMEs who:

• need a vision of what they can be and want to become,
• are not living up to their potential,
• are dissatisfied with the current condition of their business,
• do not have sufficient knowledge, information and know-how which would allow them to make sound decisions, or
• need an external, trusted and independent perspective to challenge decisions or plans and provoke discussion.

You will develop your understanding of your business as a unique organisation operating in your key markets, with your resources, competences and capabilities. This insight into your business rather than business in general will enable you to filter out fads, cliches, and myopic or silver bullet solutions to complex and multifaceted business problems. Further, the insight you develop will also protect you from resorting to the same solutions your competitors have implemented, the adoption of which would make your business similar to theirs resulting in you reducing your competitive advantage.

Being aware of your business’ position will act as the foundation to build the realistic vision for your business and, working together, we’ll translate this into goals, objectives, plans, processes and practices. This is the moment when you will take deliberate actions using strategy formulation and business planning. Your business will become a strategic  organisation reorienting itself from being a reactive and defensive victim of market, industry and internal forces towards becoming a proactive, controlling, competitive and instrumental key business player.

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