I adopt an interdisciplinary approach to business to successfully respond not only to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous external environment, but also to increasingly knowledge intensive, diverse and sophisticated organisations.

Seeing the big picture

‘Everything is connected to everything else’. A holistic business perspective enables you to work at the intersection of business functions, connecting and aligning them and therefore creating an internally and externally integrated organisation. This generalist approach is more successful than the usually biased and overly focused viewpoint of a  specialist.


Unlike other experts, I am humble and honest about my limitations and rather than disguising them with over-confidence, underemphasis or imply outsourcing the problem, I conduct analyses and research underpinned by a review of academic literature and research papers to ensure the highest quality and efficacy of my advice.


Today’s rapid pace of change leaves us with no other choice as to invest in learning and developing not only our skills but also behaviours and  attitudes. The process of business advice is identical to and inseparable  from learning for everyone involved in management planning.

Strong values

Honesty, authenticity, loyalty and integrity are the hallmarks of my  approach to business and the standards I set in cooperating with  businesses.
Being mindful of organisational politics, conflicts and various groups of  interest, I ensure that my business advice is objective by being transparent and formal in business relationships. I prioritise your business’ interests and I work with management, stakeholders and shareholders to  show them the big picture and align their interest with that of your  business.

Working in unison

Management is rarely restricted to one solution to achieve business goals.  Some solutions may be cost-effective, yet any benefits might only   materialise over time. Some may bring a high return but have a high-risk  associated with them which may not be reduced. Others may require  changes in a business model or even necessitate a business transformation.
The choice needs to be based on full awareness and understanding of costs and benefits as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.
Instead of expressing my judgement on a choice, I help you to analyse an issue, think the problem through and arrive at the answer.
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