Long-term Perspective

Don’t let short-term thinking undermine long-term success.

Short-term consultancy is risky. It’s based on wrong motivation and incentives, and endangers long-term business goals. Short-term goals might appear attractive – quick fixes are easier to achieve, but they must serve the long-term goals of your business.

EverAst will help you to avoid business short-sightedness and to focus on developing a long-term business.

No Politics

Politicisation divides people and deepens conflicts.

Many businesses have played politics only to find themselves on the wrong side of history, paying dearly for it by diverting business resources away from profit generation activities to political activism.

Everast’s business advice is free of socio-political ideologies, and I support organisations in becoming more competent – not political.

Bespoke Solutions

Every business is different as every business operates in different environments, serves different markets, operates in different industries, and possesses different resources and capabilities. Therefore, consulting cannot be generalised – it must be bespoke.

Complex problems demand complex solutions. EverAst will defend your business against ‘the proliferation of sameness’ – a situation where best practice, imitation, and off-the-shelf solutions, lead to making organisations identical shop windows, rather than being unique.

Holistic Perspective

Contemporary organisations are seen and treated as a collection of silos of differentiated functional departments. As a result, business owners, managers, and consultants, try to manage the silos and not the business.

However, it’s impossible to explain a complex whole just by studying the parts – we need to study the whole.

EverAst Consulting does not merely coordinate silos, but integrates them. It looks at organisations as social and complex adaptive systems seeing the big picture and finds a way to connect and integrate the parts into a whole.

Authentic discussion and constructive criticism

For a long time, business language has been dominated by flowery prose, clichés, truisms, wishful thinking, and saying what others want to hear. I believe that difficult, challenging, and honest conversations are necessary to make the best decisions.

In my consulting, I stress the principle of substance over form.

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