What are the main barriers to growth?

  • 28% – Strategic deficiency
  • 26% – Organisation and leadership
  • 17% – Operational and competence gaps
  • 11% – Lack of customer intimacy
  • 10% – Unattractive regulatory environment
  • 7% – Economic cycle (downturn)
  • 5% – Product lifecycle (downward trend)
  • 5% – Cultural resistance

Source: Survey of 953 senior leaders from A.T. Kearney executive briefings from 1999 to 2003.

According to the senior leaders, the biggest barrier to growth is the organisation itself (82%).

And notice what constitutes over 50% of the barriers. Wise companies think: Strategy first, then Implementation, and finally Execution. Sadly, most companies start with Execution and never go beyond it.

Managing Stakeholders

Businesses often forget that they need to develop yet another dimension of management process that concerns stakeholders.

The number of business stakeholders varies but usually is high enough to think about how to manage them because ignoring those who can impact your business is not wise.

Once all of the groups have been identified, business can categorise them and deploy management tactics, as proposed and exemplified on the image.