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Business growth is vital, yet 45% of businesses agree that they are not living up to their growth potential. Even if the business does not grow, much time, effort and investment need to be put into it just to survive and stay competitive in the market which is changing at an increasingly rapid rate.

Business owners and top executives find themselves under constant need for change; however, today’s overabundance of quick solutions, new technology fixes, professional consulting or expert advice only undermines a decision maker’s ability to act. The problem with services does not lie in their spinning utopian visions of the results they promise to deliver, but rather in that they do not recognise the complexity of business reality.

Organisations need to return to planning and investing in the pillars of what constitutes a viable business over long period of time, namely: strategy, structure, systems, culture, people and skills. The need of organisational agility and adaptability to the changing environment does not undermine business planning but in fact should strengthen the result of planning.

For strategic planning to have a real and positive impact, organisations have to invest time,
money and people in the process. However, it also takes courage and effort to challenge the
status quo and address strategic and systemic problems. Further, it is the conscious commitment of all stakeholders that can transform an initial ‘another project-like activity’ into a successful business agenda.

Yet, change is inevitable and the sooner an organisation takes action, the higher its potential to grow and outperform its competitors.
+44 0787 375 7280